S8onPc - Play Storm8 iPhone/Android Games on Your Computer
Storm8 on PC

* Supported iPhone Games:
World War, Kingdoms Live, iMobsters, Pets Live, Vampires Live, Ninjas Live, Racing Live, Rockstars Live, Zombies Live

Features: Play Storm8 games on your PC!
Auto Invest your cash on hand!
Auto Vault your cash and Daily Bonus!
Auto Re-Attack the battles you win!
Auto Invite other players to your alliance!
Auto Heal and stay alive longer!
Auto Missions and Level up while you sleep!

  !!Now Android Compatible!!

Program specs

* Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP,
   Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windoes 8
* Dependencies: Internet Explorer version 8 or above
* Current Version: 4.0.6 - 27 Feb 2013
* Release Date: 3 December 2009
* Android Dependencies: Android ID ← barcode
* iDevice Dependencies: iTunes Backup
* Free 5-Day Trial
* Price: $9.95 per device (one time fee).

* Questions/Comments support@s8onpc.com